What is Data Mining?

Data Mining

Fields of studies

Social Media Analytics

  • Billions   of posting
  • Metadata

Freud Detection

Disease control

Online Dating 


Climate Research And Data science

Network Security

Data Mining Techniques

  1. Text Retrieval
  2. Classification – Constructs a model with labels, represented in discrete set
  3. Clustering  reveals features distinguishing ione class of data  objects from the other, leading to newe  discoveries . Labels created after
  4. Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

  1. Computer Science
  2. Compatution lingustics
  3. Artifical Intelligence (Ai)
  4. Hci

Aspects of NLp

  1. Tokenization and parsing – isolate each symbol from a text and conduct a grammatical analysis
  2. Sentence Segmentation-sperates one sentence from another In a text
  3. Named entity Recognition(NER)